Structural Anatomy for the Artist Summer Session

Structural Anatomy for the Artist Summer Session


Eight sessions on Sunday afternoons

12pm - 3pm
Sunday, June 9 - Sunday, July 28

$350 tuition includes model fee



A study in human anatomy is an important component to any serious figure drawing practice, in addition to being a fascinating delve into the machinery and makeup of the human body. Explore the skeleton and major muscle groups, identify bony landmarks, and learn to see "through" the surface of the body to understand the structure of the form beneath.

Enrollment includes admittance to Sunday's long pose figure drawing session from 4-7 while the class is in session, to practice drawing from the model. This course is primarily lecture based, and will include the purchase of a textbook.

Our courses are for adults only, unless explicit permission has been given by the instructor, and a parent or guardian is also enrolled in the class.

Instructor Katia Kosova

Yekaterina (Katia) Kosova has studied anatomy and figure drawing at the Art Students' League, and has continued to research anatomy in her own self-guided artistic practice. She has taught several truncated iterations of “Anatomy for the Artist” at Shoestring Studio, and is excited to be leading an eight week course on the subject.  Because she is a nerd and a workout enthusiast, she has spent a lot of time reading about and studying anatomy and physiology on her own.  In addition to visual art her interests include writing, the study of Greek and Latin, farming and woodworking.  During the summer she teaches classical Greek at the Latin/Greek Institute at the CUNY graduate center.  Please e-mail her if you have any questions at