Figure Drawing Fundamentals
Fall Session

Figure Drawing Fundamentals
Fall Session


Six sessions on Sunday afternoons
12pm - 3pm

Fall Session upcoming dates:

  • September 30- November 11, 2018

  • No session on October 14



Learn the fundamentals of drawing the human figure through observation, and develop a drawing vocabulary to bring drawings to life. Lectures and demonstrations allow students to build historical, theoretical, and technical foundations in figure drawing.

We'll start by learning to identify the line of the body through gesture drawing, and then visualize the volume and depth of the figure by breaking the form down into basic shapes. We'll build gradually from shorter poses to longer poses, adding sighting and measuring, anatomy, portraiture, and value studies to our repertoire. Along the way we will look at Master approaches to the figure, both historic and contemporary. Students will leave with the confidence to capture the three dimensionality of the figure on a two dimensional surface. 

While a basic understanding of drawing is encouraged, all levels are welcome. Students are asked to bring their own drawing supplies, model fee is covered by course fee. 



Jenny Carolin received her Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting from Syracuse University, and her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She has taught Figure Drawing, Foundation Drawing and Drawing and Painting for Non-Art Majors for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. She also teaches drawing and painting at the New York School of the Arts. Currently she is the Director of Shoestring Studio and a Co-Founder of the Mudhouse Artist Residency and the Athena Standards Residency programs in Greece.