Illustrator Basics Workshop Winter Session

Illustrator Basics Workshop Winter Session


Immersive one day workshop

Thursday, January 17, 2019

  • 6:30 - 9:30 pm




We will cover the difference between raster and vector, discuss the function of layers, and then jump into the basic commands needed to create lines and complex shapes. We will build your tool knowledge up to the point where you can understand how the Image Trace function works and have the background to know in which circumstances it will be useful.

Who should take this class? From the beginner to the dabbler, this class will cover the basics of Illustrator, and will teach you how to access the commands so the use of the program becomes secondary to your creative thought. If you are already a medium level user of the program, stay tuned for the next course in the series.

You will need to bring a laptop with Adobe Illustrator loaded and ready to run. We recommend a version no older than CS6. If you have an older version there will be some tools you won’t be able to use, but that won’t hold you back too much from the learning process.

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Instructor Amy Jackson

As Art Director at Vogue and Creative Director at Polyvore, Amy has developed a large and varied client list. She has worked with Lexus, L’Oréal, Lenovo, WildEarth, and Rakuten to name a few. And, with each of these clients, the Adobe Creative Suite has been central to her work. While designing in these intense workplaces, she developed a philosophy on how make the Creative Suite simply one more tool for creativity, making it as natural as drawing with a pen or pencil. She has helped countless friends and colleagues start or enhance their careers with this knowledge and is excited to help you get creative with the Creative Suite.